Monday, October 1, 2012

The Positive Dose - Take a Minute and Make a Moment!: YOU ARE VALUED!  

The Positive Dose - Take a Minute and Make a Moment!: YOU ARE VALUED!
Today is Day One!  I have been waiting for the right moment to start posting and worrying about not having enough to say or relevance or adding enough value . . . never mind -- here we go!  I have been working on ideas about encouraging others for years through many situations including a business where I interact with hundreds of people. 

I am personally going to trial the ideas I write about and to start I want to give a positive dose to just one person a day!  I will keep a list of people that I work with, friends and family and commit to sharing a daily dose of positive with at least one person each day from my list!  It can be a simple hello, then find out how someone is doing, and, purposefully check-in with a dose of encouraging words!  If we all took a moment to share a message, phone call, photo or story with one person a day outside of our usual routine what difference could that make to those people?   How much positive energy could we replenish ourselves with?

There is a tab with two questions and you are welcome to respond via Twitter.  Check-out the "Questions For You" and let me know if there a mantra you use every day to meditate?  Or, are there words you tell yourself every morning looking in the mirror getting ready for your day?  Do you have certain helpful and considerate words you use when speaking with your children, your partner, your family, your co-workers or friends?  I really want to know!  Or, would like to learn different phrases so you can improve upon the current collection that don't reflect what you really mean to convey?  Perhaps what others share can be adapted and adopted to suit you!

Thanks for stopping by!  Today is a Good Day!  Take a Minute and Make a Moment HAPPY for someone you know!