Tuesday, August 6, 2013

It has been an amazing first 30 days of our new CTMH businesses!

Words that come to mind to describe the start of our business include: 
Well Done
Cheering You On
Go Team

It is all better than expected.
It is all better than I could have planned for.
It is all better than I could have imagined!

I am absolutely humbled that 90 days ago on the 4th of May our news was
that our business was ceasing immediately as our old company was going
into Administration or winding-down.  Now we are back better than ever
with our CTMH businesses!  It has been an incredible journey and the
Executive Team and all of the US and Canadian Consultants from Close To
My Heart have embraced us wholeheartedly and we feel like we are a part of their family.  We have been truly blessed and we are so lucky to have been allowed on this new journey!

I don't think you can plan something like what we have been through or know how you will feel.  In all my 50-something years --- and I've worked since I was 15 years old  --- I have never once experienced life without a paycheck.  I didn't know until May how it felt when a company decided to stop their business, even though we were part of a profitable arm, just because they could.  I didn't know what it felt like to be a creditor and owed money from my employer and I've been a Corporate Consultant for 15 years.  Every other month from August 1997 until April 2013 I received a deposit into my account.  Maybe I can have more humility when I hear of other businesses that go into Administration and know what that means for dozens, hundreds or thousands that will find themselves without their paychecks and become creditors.  Maybe I can have more empathy for those that aren't able to find jobs or have worked and will not be paid because their employers don't have enough funds to pay them.  I'm not sure but I know things happen for a reason and we all have lessons to learn along the way.

So, when you check your bank deposit with your paycheck for August take a
minute and think for a moment about how grateful you feel to your employer for employing you and paying you.  Take a minute and think about those that are not going to be paid even though they did their job but their company is not in a financial position to pay them.  And take another minute for a kind thought or prayer for all the people in the world that would love to have a job and a paycheck but don't right now. We all need to be valued!  For those of us lucky enough with a place to go to work, in an environment where we feel like we belong -- we are the lucky ones!

My biggest lesson in the last 90 days has been the importance of being careful with words and comments or personal opinions.  The messages we write and speak should always be kind and supportive.  Life it too short to say hurtful or harmful things to others or to post a comment that is not helpful.  I am personally so grateful for the kind messages and comments I received during the past three months.  Words cannot express my appreciation for all the support and belief in the journey, our Plan B and now our new CTMH home.

The purpose of my blog has always been about having an awareness and acting on that knowledge to say something kind or helpful to someone at work, at home or someone you don't even know.  The message today is to take notice of those around you and prompt yourself to make a kind comment if someone looks like they are having the best day ever or if they look like they aren't.  Even asking, "Are you OK?"  Those three little words can make all the difference to someone.  Whose life can you improve today by noticing someone else?

The last 90 days has not turned out like I expected or planned for -- it has been better than I ever could have imagined!  I am having an awesome August and I hope you are, too!


  1. Wow, Diane, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings. If does make one take a step back and look from outside the window and wonder. I know that I am super excited to see Close To My Heart expand, and welcome thousands of new CTMH Sisters into the "Family". As Jeanette says, "You are welcome here."

    I couldn't say it any better. Welcome to all our new CTMH sisters!

    1. Thanks for your kind message, Michelle! We are so happy that CMTH has welcomed us and that we are able to start-up our businesses with so much support from CTMH and our faithful customers! We are grateful to be embraced into the CTMH sisterhood!

  2. Diane, You are an inspiration to every women out there whose has had hopes dashed, and then offered an outstretched hand from yourself and CTMH. I pray for your success and that you are able to aim high and reach the skies with CTMH. Thank you for all the little things that you have done and said...
    Thinking of you and the CTMH team as we soar among eagles.